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Information Technologies — Entrepreneur, Strategist, Advisor

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  • Name: Justin Hammack
  • Job: Trust, Relationships, Solutions
  • Age: 37 Years
  • Residence: West Coast, USA
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
I am an internet entrepreneur using my past experiences and network of resources to help build the future. I specialize in interdisciplinary decision making by identifying and validating value propositions. Please check the links below for services or contact me with your project details.

For future-facing business folly (investments) see https://aesop.ventures
For wine knowledge services and products see https://winefolly.com
I like interesting problems.

My Experiences

  • Aesop Ventures

    Managing Partner2017-Present

    Knowledge consultancy. A time, energy, technology, and future building partnership. Skills being developed: Asset Ownership Systems, Alternative Value Stores, Strategic Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Human Capital, Solving Vertically, Leveraging Time/Energy to 'Build the Future'.

  • Wine Folly

    Founder | Executive Officer2011-Present

    Founded and self-funded an internet startup based on wine knowledge. Published a #1 best selling wine book (NYT/Amazon). Developed skill-sets in business development, internet marketing, decision making, problem solving, technology integrations, and customer development.

  • NRML Consulting

    Independent Technology Consultant1996-2011

    Developed skills in integrating technologies, executive communication, abstract planning, time management, and identifying values in decision making. Worked with companies, and non-profits to help executives deploy/build technology solutions.


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Telegram: @aesopvt