Justin Hammack

Information Technologies — Entrepreneur, Strategist, Advisor

How can we build the future?

  • Name: Justin Hammack
  • Job: Trust, Relationships, Solutions
  • Age: 37 Years
  • Residence: West Coast, USA
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
I am an internet entrepreneur using my past experiences and network of resources to help build the future. I specialize in interdisciplinary top-down decision making based on validating value propositions. Please check the links below for services or contact me with your project details.

For future-facing business development please visit https://aesop.ventures

For wine knowledge services and products see https://winefolly.com

Give me a problem to solve. I want to learn how to help you.

Personal Strengths

Abstract Reasoning

Finding alternative solutions through relatable logic and pattern recognition laterally across disciplines/tools.

Value Compounding

Properly identifying root solutions to multiply the efforts of all derivative opportunities and emphasizing the value proposition.

Mental Pathfinding

Validating reasoning, situational awareness, opportunity prioritization, and bridging team communication gaps.

My Experiences

  • Aesop Ventures

    Managing Partner2017-Present

    Knowledge consultancy. A time, energy, technology, and future building partnership. Skills being developed: Asset Ownership Systems, Alternative Value Stores, Strategic Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Human Capital, Solving Vertically, Leveraging Time/Energy to 'Build the Future'.

  • Wine Folly

    Founder | Executive Officer2011-Present

    Founded and self-funded an internet startup based on wine knowledge. Published a #1 best selling wine book (NYT/Amazon). Developed skill-sets in business development, internet marketing, decision making, problem solving, technology integrations, and customer development.

  • NRML Consulting

    Independent Technology Consultant1996-2011

    Developed skills in integrating technologies, executive communication, abstract planning, time management, and identifying values in decision making. Worked with companies, and non-profits to help executives deploy/build technology solutions.


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